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So what's next?

I intended to more or less take a break this week. It was Thanksgiving (even if it's not a holiday here in Australia, we still have dinner in our house), I sent out my first ever query letters. I was allowing myself some time to luxuriate in being a total basketcase, refreshing my email every five minutes even when it was 3 AM in NYC. I intended to start on my next project on Monday.

Well, as so often is the case with me, my subconscious had other plans. I was just this evening wailing to my CP Amie about how my imagination was running away with the sequel to THE IRON WOOD and not HUNTED, when I don't plan to work on said sequel unless the first book goes anywhere. Whyyyy, I kept asking, whyyyy do I always want to write the wrong book at the wrong time? I was dreadfully excited about HUNTED halfway through TIW, when I knew I had to focus and finish TIW. Now that I have time to write HUNTED, all I want to do is write the sequel to a book that isn't even close to being published yet.

So I grabbed the dog and the keys and went for a walk, despite the rain and the general chilliness, and my general lack of interest in exercise. I just kept repeating what I knew about HUNTED in my mind until I started to fill in the blanks (i.e., how it begins). I was only out for maybe ten minutes before the dog, utterly flipping out in the rain, started misbehaving so badly I had to bring him back home. But I guess that ten minutes was all I really needed.

Anyway, to get to the point: I wrote the first 1,700 words of HUNTED tonight, and with that I am officially re-entering WIP mode. Meaning, I will write at least 500 words a day every day with no exceptions* until the novel's done. It worked beautifully with TIW, and I had so much fun (fun being a relative term here) holding myself accountable through the process.

I tell you guys this, because that is what I did last time, and it worked. While I know you won't ACTUALLY hate me if I fail to live up to this daily goal, I can trick some part of my mind into believing it, and I love my writerfriends and do not want to disappoint. So we can all just pretend that that's how it works, for the sake of words on the page.

You will no doubt be hearing a lot about HUNTED over the next several months, but for now it's enough to say I've started writing.

THIS JUST IN! Amie's just informed me that she's finished her NaNo novel, THE JENKINS JOURNALS, a few minutes ago. How awesome is THAT? I'm so proud of her for doing it despite being unbelievably busy and tired with her real life job this month. <3 <3

And how cool is it that she's finishing her novel on the same day I'm starting mine?

That's it for now. Time for sleep, so I can get up and do my 500 words tomorrow! I'M SO EXCITED!

* I actually do have one exception: 500 words a day rule does not apply if I am in the hospital with a migraine. This has happened once so far since I've been in Australia. Luckily it was after I'd finished TIW so didn't mess up my 500 words a day, but I'd like to make that provision in advance. It's not likely, but it is possible. And I can't even speak, much less open my eyes, much less look at a computer screen, much less write with a migraine.
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