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Queries Away!

Fly, my pretties, fly!

Pardon me while I go throw up in a corner somewhere...

Because my brain is way, way too flipped out at the moment to provide you with anything else, I will instead link to one of my all-time favorite things on the internet, Hyperbole and a Half. Specifically, this post. If you are a follower of hers, I promise it is just as funny the second time around. If you aren't, well... you're in for a treat.

Enjoy, and I will return in a few days when the fog of anxiety and despair and glee has lifted.


Good luck, little queries!

Is this your first batch evar?
Yep, first ever! It's pretty exciting. And nervewracking. :P Thanks!
Did something good happen?? Ooh, do tell :P
No, nothing new to report! The glee is just for having gotten this far. :P
lol that is just as funny the second time around! I love that blog.

Good luck with the queries!! Fingers crossed!
I knoooow. I pulled it up to distract myself last night and just sat there laughing out loud and disturbing my housemates.
Good Luck!!!!

That link was pure genius, I loved it and I'm now following her.

She is the BEST. She posts really sporadically, but it's worth it when she does. I recommend looking at the "best of" links along the side, they're all fantastic.
Ooh, this is exciting! Good luck!! :)
Thank you! :D
Good luck! :) Lol at the cake monster.
Thanks! And yeah, I LOVE that story. Makes me die of the giggles every time I read it.